Product Description

Choose from a variety of angles for the TEAM TIED ARCTIC-procross/proclimb Clutch (421896)

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3.5 in
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78-62.60,62-54F/78-60.60,60-52F, Hlx,S, TIED, 50 STR/ 52 STR NON ER, Hlx,S, TIED, 58-62.36/60-64.36 ER, Hlx,S, TIED, 58-62F/59-63F ER, Hlx,S, TIED, 59 STR ER/ 57 STR ER, Hlx,S, TIED, 60 straight ER/ 62 straight ER, Hlx,S, TIED, 60-64.36 ER/62-66.36 ER, Hlx,S, TIED, 61 straight ER/ 63 straight ER, Hlx,S, TIED, 62-54 F ER/64-56 F ER, Hlx,S, TIED, 66-56F ER/64-54 F ER, Hlx,S, TIED, 66-62F ER/64-60F ER, Hlx,S, TIED, 70-56F/68-54F, Hlx,S, TIED, 70-63.46 ER/ 63 straight ER, Hlx,S, TIED, 71-55.36ER/71-57.36ER (for 2012 AC 800 ProClimb), Hlx,S, TIED, 71-57.46ER/71-59.46ER, Hlx,S, TIED, 73-55.36ER/73-57.36 ER, Hlx,S, TIED, 73-57.46ER/73-59.46ER, Hlx,S, TIED, 73-59.36ER/73-61.36ER, Hlx,S, TIED, 73-59.46/73-61.46 ER, Hlx,S, TIED, 75-59.46/75-61.46 ER, Hlx,S, TIED, 76-61.46 ER/76-63.46ER, Hlx,S, TIED, 76-63.36ER/76-61.36 ER, Hlx,S, TIED, 80-61.46 ER/80-63.46 ER, Hlx,S, TIED, 80-64.46ER/81-61.46ER, Hlx,S, TIED,63 straight ER/67 straight ER, Hlx,S, TIED,64-60.33ER/62-58.33ER, Hlx,S, TIED,66-62.33ER/66-60.33ER, Hlx,S, TIED,68-63F ER/70-65F ER, Hlx,S, TIED,70-59.46ER/70-57.46ER, Hlx,S, TIED,73-63.46ER/73-61.46ER, Hlx,S, TIED,73-64.36/73-66.36, Hlx,S, TIED,76-61.46ER/73-61.36ER, Hlx,S, TIED,78-63.46ER/78-61.46ER, Hlx,S, TIED,78-65.46ER/78-63.46ER, Hlx,S,Tied, 57-54F/55-52F, Hlx,S,Tied, 71-55.46 ER/ 71-57.46ER, Hlx,S,Tied, 71-57.46/71-55.46, Hlx,S,Tied, 73-55.46 ER/ 73-57.46ER, Hlx,S,Tied, 73-63.46ER/73-65.46 ER, Hlx,S,Tied, 75-57.46 ER/75-59.46 ER, Hlx,S,Tied, 75-59.56/75-57.56 ER, Hlx,S,Tied, 75-59.56/75-61.56 ER, Hlx,S,Tied, 77-57.46 ER/77-59.46 ER, Hlx,S,Tied, 77-57.56/77-59.56 ER, Hlx,S,Tied, 77-59.56/77-61.56 ER, Hlx,S,Tied, 78-63.55/63-61ER/80-65.55/65-61ER, Hlx,S,Tied, 78-64.46/64-59F , 78-62.46/62-57F

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